Reduce Bandwidth loss by simply tweaking windows 10

Have you been experiencing internet bandwidth waste on Windows 10? At Black Ace Technology we believe taking the following steps below would help improve bandwidth saving for your windows working environment. The Connection conditions. Knowing exactly what type of connection you have is the first step and serves a fundamental role in understanding the status of your connection. To do this, you may begin by using one of the most popular online speed test applications to gauge your internet connection.     Quit all your background apps. Apps running in the background, for example, Skype or Twitter while you embark on your research on the various ways on how to make money online, your internet automatically slows down. Begin by quitting all your background apps like torrent applications, antivirus (Virus database updates) and cloud sharing applications. Disable windows update. This enables you the user save quite a sum of bandwidth. But the question you would then ask yourself is, does disabling this feature not leave my computer vulnerable to bugs and viruses? No, this feature can be disabled but a manual method of notification updates can be sent to you thereby being able to update your Windows 10 Operating system. Close peer to peer update process on your computer. Getting this done will save you an equally outstanding amount of data wastage. This is because the feature allows others to download updates much faster but it does come with the price of your personal or business internet. Disable “The Getting to know you feature. This is another disturbing feature whose purpose is to streamline your Windows 10 experience. This is done by logging your typing history, saving records of your voice, collecting information from your contacts and calendars, all in the context of giving you more personalized experience with Cortana. Disabling this feature will help you save on internet wastage. Uninstall OneNote. One note is a simple note-taking application from Microsoft. Similar to Evernote, it collects and organizes all your notes. Should you not be planning to use Microsoft note-taking app, then uninstalling it might just improve your internet speed access. Disable windows auto-tuning Feature. This is a feature found on every window 10 machine that improves your computer performance for all programs by receiving Transmission control protocol (TCP) over networks. What happens here is more like a conversation between your programs and the developers which require data usage from your end which result in data wastage. A feature we recommend disabling to save on bandwidth. Exhausting the most out of your Internet package in a windows 10 working environment can be quite tricky. Set up an appointment to consult with Black Ace Technology ltd to help you make the best out of every coin you spend on daily internet usage.