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Offsite back up

Offsite back up.

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Offsite backup is just one of the two options of backing up data, this gives you the user the sovereignty to choose from a variety of options available in the market. This is very important in every business and will have you ready prepared in case of a disaster. Methods you would use to back up your critical data include:

Incremental data backups

This by far is the most efficient way to back up your systems equally referred to as differential backup by Microsoft. This is done by simply taking a full backup and creation a safe copy of all your files. Once this is done, all you do is simply back up the files that have changed on a daily basis, when the incremental backup gets filled up, or a pre-determined period of time elapses for instance a week you simply take another complete backup and renew the cycle from scratch.

Keep in mind too, Incremental backups do require lots of media to perform storage, usually, one set for the whole and complete backup and another set for each incremental backup.

A good option is to store incremental backups on a set of portable hard drives which can be purchased on eBay and Amazon at an economical cost. Making a purchase of a couple of drives gives you the advantage of performing backups on a daily basis.

In addition to this, Modern backup software does perform incremental backups more efficiently. They do this by only copying the bits of data that have been altered between each backup. Implying that all backups are executed in real-time and less space is taken up.

Traditional backup media

A backup media simply where backed-up files are kept for storage. There are several options in the market today, extending from:

CD/DVD.  Designed for small capacity, they fill up fast and cause accumulative sum mount ups. Very liable to breakage, writing data to them is similarly very slow.

External hard drives are connected to a computer or network, do have a bigger capacity, and are way faster and efficient in comparison to DVDs. They can support storage varying from 500GB (Gigabyte) up to 1TB(terabyte)  this would cost you an estimated price of$50 – $75 each irrespectively, do keep in mind that you’ll need quite a number of these to keep your incremental backups safe. External hard drives are reliable, fast, and worthy choices for a majority of firms.

Solid-state storage hard drives

These work on a similar principle to the memory card in a camera. Designed with no moving parts, they do access and store data much quicker than magnetic hard drives. Solid-state drives are comparatively expensive to standard hard drives hence the less use of these broadly. However, the technology is quickly changing and their enhanced performance might offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional hard drives.


This choice of product and solution for backup has become consequently outdated. Ordinarily still used in enormous businesses, the smaller enterprises hardly use tape due to its expensive and sluggish nature.

Offsite backup could save you loss of cumulative and significant information but rely on adequate and appropriate ICT support from a firm like Black Ace Technology ltd could save you so much more.

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