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Internet access

Internet access

Internet Access

Before, were the times when the essences of internet connections were an optional requirement for businesses! The need for reliable and concurrent business internet to meet the optimal required connection from the transfer of email to the management of your website is imminent.

Looking at the amplified use of cloud computing services that are accessible online, business becomes more reliant on its fast connectivity. At Black Ace Technology, we advise, taking the factors below into consideration when making the choice of an internet service connection:

Choice of a broadband internet connection, fortunately, there are a variety of internet service providers (ISPs) that offer a wide range of internet connection options. Common to most offices, households are the broadband internet access connections that are transmitted through a standard telephone line, also known as ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line).

ADSL is suitable for companies with less than 25 employees, offering rational values while Fiber optic services provide reliable services for businesses that have bigger data requirements. Finding the right ISP can be quite tricky but using a guide like below can assist you to

  • The speeds you need, A fast internet connection which is about 8Mbps (Megabytes per second) the standard speeds especially if it is for shared usage, and a fiber-optic connection that offers speeds in excess of 150Mbps.
  • Whether it is for use of uploading large file sums.
  • What services you will be running services from your connection whether it will be hosting your company website on a server within your business or manage your own email server, check your business ISP supports this, and do keep in mind that cheaper packages tend to limit data you can transfer on a monthly basis.

Several business ISPs do offer additional extras, for instance, email addresses or telephone calls. Knowing that this does save money being cautious about relying on one provider is not a good option. Take an example where a business uses the services of one ISP for both telephone and an internet connection, once an issue occurs, a complete could be your worst nightmare.

Today we have a new type and more cost-effective product in the market known as Fiber that has successfully enhanced most businesses internet connections. Fiber being a recent advancement in technology, the pricing is slightly more than ADSL. This suite the connection to us for more than 25 employees this is suitable especially when using heavy internet connections, a fiber connection, this connection type is more likely to become the standard ISP for businesses in areas with coverage.

When we center the focus on larger companies or those that have critical requirements for instance access to a connection guaranteed not to fail, you might need to consider leasing a line. This comprises a dedicated internet connection that provides extremely high speeds and a reliable option for your business dependency in all circumstances.

However, leased lines are expensive. Typical leased-line customer pays just over $200 a month which prices are equally affected by fluctuation. Leased lines require specialist knowledge to install and configure a service provided by Black Ace technology when consulted.

Many leased line suppliers will be willing to provide you with customized service. They may as well offer web hosting and other telecom services that you require of them. In any case, seek advice from an IT expert like Black Ace Technology if you’re not confident deciding what sort of internet connection to plump for.

Business internet hardware and security

You will probably need additional hardware to connect to the internet. The majority of the business ISPs will supply you with a free router. This enables a connection to your phone line that allows you to share your internet connections. Taking security precautions to protect your business internet connection from online threats is a wise option when it comes to choosing an Internet connection. Work with Black Ace Technology for we don’t just believe in not only working for you but as well as with you.



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