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14September 2018

VoIP(Voice Over Internet Ptotocal)

VoIP Communication (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Choosing a good telephone service can be quite tricky but with the introduction of the Voice over Internet protocol, you do have the privilege to place calls over the internet.
VoIP is a more reliable, cheaper and easy to operate anywhere in the world other than having fixed communication lines. Integrating features like the virtual reality that allow working from the luxury of your household and anywhere you have internet access. We at  Black Ace Technology believe that the use of VoIP in any business will tremendously impact on the productivity  hence letting you use functionalities like:

The Do not disturb, ironically, One of the most frustrating things in any office is constant interruption by ringing phones and never getting anything done. Missing calls not among your priorities, productivity cannot be frequently interrupted. VoIP allows the option of features like voicemail that send calls directly to your voicemail service without having your phone.

Priority calls, being disturbed by frequent incoming calls may not be an option for your working environment, VoIP gives you the option setting priority when awaiting a call from say a colleague or client, so the phone would only ring when the persons call you’re waiting for comes in. This assists you to sustain productivity levels minus missing out on important calls.

Conference calling, once you need to have for instance three-way communication, you can have a three-way VoIP conference with just one click. As VoIP system use the internet, one does not have to pay any extra fee for this function.

Voicemail messaging, If you are an individual or company that receive lots of calls, significant emails could get hidden below more recent ones. Keeping in mind that some systems delete messages and mail after a period of time, VoIP has the capability to receive voicemail messages as audio files in electronic mail format (email). Enabling you to listen and reviewing them and not forgetting the ability to sharing them with others and storing.

 Out of office messages, the inevitability of meeting office requirements onsite with a client and not back in office in good time is a common phenomenon. Take, for instance, a new sales lead has just left a message on your office phone, implying that If you don’t call back in good time you might miss a business opportunity. VoIP once set up automatically sends a message to your mobile informing you about your received a voicemail, making it easy to access the content of this message through your laptop for the message.

Call divert VoIP easily gives you the option of call diverts to wherever you happen to be. You have the option of either diverting all calls to a selected number or forwarded to different numbers consecutively, until such a time when you can pick.

Remote office, Several VoIP systems have a remote office utility, this allows you to route all your incoming calls to a substitute phone. Allowing you to work out of the office for instance at home.  Keeping you current and not missing out on anything any incoming and outgoing calls.

Speed dial functionality this enables you to Set up unlimited speed dial numbers, allowing you make quick calls without the hardship of searching for and dialing lengthy numbers. Just One click puts you straight through.
Emulating the benefits of VoIP is limitless, and can yield your business significantly. The choice of action is yours, for further information and business consulting on how to this can benefit your business, write to [email protected] Or simply call us today on +256 758826 415

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