If in today’s era you don’t have a website, there is a good fraction of the market that will not think of you as an option when they are looking at purchasing products. whether a small or a huge business, a website is becoming vital and perhaps an investment. Am glad that we are adopting the digital world more often. I personally have realized how convenient a website or online purchasing is because ideally, the main aim for a website is basically increasing visibility, promote and increase sales. Now, let’s imagine a scenario of the current total lock down in the world where movements are restricted, access  to malls and markets are limited or even banned. how much stress and worry would you have? worrying about how to satisfy your consumer needs,  how  to interact with them? But,  a relief comes when you know you are backed up by a website that can slake your consumer’s thirst.

Having a website makes it extremely trouble-free for people to find you, read up about your company, what you do and answer questions they have on your company. By having a website people will be able to find your company easily when they search for your company on a search engine like Google, yahoo or bing globally. Am sure there are many reasons why a business should have a website but here a  few strong points to consider.

Marketing Strategy.  A  well designed website  lowers costs of marketing. Depending on the quality of the website designer you choose and the difficulty of your site it will usually cost. The more specialized it is, the higher the cost. A website makes marketing so much easier. All you need is identifying the best marketing platform for  your clients. However, while choosing a platform, consider platforms that will accommodate both new and existing clients. For example, social media  platforms like facebook, twitter, directories, blogs among others . All these forms link back to a professional, user-friendly website with all the information the client needs immensely. 

Forever an asset, naturally, we all prefer durable services or products that can last for a while and limit our expenses. The great part about a website is that once you invest in it, you have it forever and it continues to work for your everlastingly. compared to other advertising methods were you pay and get an ad even once, a website is cheap and long-lasting.  for example , let’s assume that we are advertising a boutique on a few media platforms (press and electronic media). well, all these have different charges based on time and space. let’s assume that you pay 274$ to all the media houses and 400$ for a website advert. remember all these (media houses) have a specific time frame to air or publish your advert and once your time elapses, the advert will run no more. But the website, you pay for it once it continues to work for your business for ever. Whereas with a website, even though you do not get returns in the start, you will definitely make it has you have time from now and forever.

other things to consider include Self Service Customer Support, Easily Accessible Data Center