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Responsive Web Design

The art of designing websites that engage visitors can be quite tricky and thus the importance of having a responsive website.

A responsive website is one whose pages allow its optimized content to display on different computer devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers laptops & desktops.

Why a Responsive – Mobile Friendly Webdesign (info-graphic)

Increased Mobile Usage

Today in Africa more than 35% of adults have access to personal smartphones and approximately 50% of all website traffic is generated by mobile devices. Currently, globally there are more mobile devices compared to the number of users which continues to grow in number by the day.

This fact increases the chances of your Business Website being viewed on a Mobile Device hence a poor site will only lower your brand and most likely have your prospective clients drift away to your competitor’s websites.

Improved SEO

Google Highly recommends responsive development for mobile Web Design. Properly optimized websites have a better search ranking on Google.

In addition to this, Mobile phones currently have a separate Google Search algorithm too. This implies that simply because your site will rank high on Desktop search, the same won’t be for other device platforms such as mobile phones. This makes it imperative to use a responsive Web Design.

Adaptation to Multiple Device Sizes

A website that looks awesome irrespective of the device size requires responsive web design. Today it is just smartphones and tablets, tomorrow the in cooperation of smartwatches, google glass name it will be inevitable. Use a responsive web design that will give your website the edge over your competitors.

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