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14September 2018

VoIP(Voice Over Internet Ptotocal)

VoIP Communication (Voice over Internet Protocol) Choosing a good telephone service can be quite tricky but with the introduction of the Voice over Internet protocol, you do have the privilege to place calls over the internet. VoIP is a more reliable, cheaper and easy to operate anywhere in the world other than having fixed communication…

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24August 2018

Why you need a Business Website.

In this short clip, you will see why it’s important and how you can get your business website today. If Interested, feel free to contact us on +256 758 826 415 Email: [email protected] Creative Information Systems Technology Services & Products  

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29July 2018

Mobile IT

What is Mobile IT? Defined by the advancements in technologies Mobile internet is a feature that allows users to intermingle, generate, and share information or content on the internet, Irrespective of their actual locations. In line with  Black Ace Technology’s professional opinion, some of the benefits of Mobile IT include: Access to mobile internet connection makes…

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14July 2018

Network security

Networks simply link or connect computers in working or office environments allowing user sharing of programs and resources such as printers, scanners, and internet access, this makes network security a very sensitive and a paramount necessity for networks. Since networks allow users access these resources through various devices, at any place, and at any time,…

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5July 2018

Digital Media

Digital media Defined in its simplicity, Digital media is any media encoded in a machine-readable format that has the capability of viewing, creation, distribution, modification, and preservation of computer systems. These enable you the users to produce digital imagery, videos and use of web facilities. When it comes to digital media, its merits would surprise…

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6May 2018

Finding the least Cost-effective office Printer

The least Cost-effective office Printer Finding the least cost-effective office printer for your company’s needs can be quite tricky. The rich market variety can be overwhelming hence narrowing down on a single product can be frustrating and confusing. Worry No more! We have compiled a list of the best business printer key areas of consideration…

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2May 2018

Reduce Bandwidth loss by simply tweaking windows 10

Have you been experiencing internet bandwidth waste on Windows 10? At Black Ace Technology we believe taking the following steps below would help improve bandwidth saving for your windows working environment. The Connection conditions. Knowing exactly what type of connection you have is the first step and serves a fundamental role in understanding the status…

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28April 2018

Why you need a website for your business!

Are you a business owner and do not have a website?   If yes, then it’s more like your business does not exist. In today’s modern century, companies and people are on the internet for information. Having a website for your business gives you the online presence which is an informative platform for customers to…

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